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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making money by forex

There are a lot thing you can do to earn money online. Forex is one of those, Foreign-Exchange. There are a lot of broker that provide you with the very minimum deposit, as minimum as USD1. Such as LiteForex, ikoFX, InstaForex and many more. Just do the google stuff. But I suggest USD20 is the minimum deposit. I'm not saying this because I'm an expert in this area but it is based on my experience. I'm using LiteForex.

USD1 minimum deposit Forex Broker

The graph above is the example, Pair of GBP/USD. As you can see the graph is fluctuated. You might already know that we do make profit by that fluctuation. If you predict that the graph will go up then you trade for buy. And on the other way, if you predict the graph will go down then you trade for sell. Wether the global economy is stable or not, you do make a money.

You might found that someone can earn big money by forex. And at the same time, someone can lose big money by forex. It's all depend on how mature you are in forex. The important tips as being a forex trader, you must have full control of your emotional. Passion, suspend, greedy, frustration, you must endure all these feelings in order to sustain as forex trader.

I suggest you to try a demo account first for a month at least. It is to keep you getting well with the trend and of course to pratice you to endure all the emotional stuff that I mentioned.

Try it out.