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Monday, July 13, 2009

Making money from Twitter

Are you a Twitter user? If you do, your sure have a lot of follower(s) and of course you are following others. It's fun to have this simple media to twit anything you want to tweet. No need to write such a long entry as blog (if you don't have a time). Just tweet tweet tweet like a bird. Hehehe...

Do you realize that you have the opportunity to make money while you are twitting? I found this somewhere in this cyberworld. It's called "RevTwt". It is an advertising and marketing platform. And you are the medium.

How the hell it works? I don't want to explain it because I'm not the RevTwt agent or what ever. I'm just one of them who grab this opportunity to earn extra money. Hehehe... I give you the link. You read it, explore it and evaluate it by yourself.

Just one thing to say here. If you have 50++ numbers of your followers, then why don't you try it. A paypal account holder should have an advantage here since it is an universal account. If it is involving money, paypal is acceptable in this cyberworld.