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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Little Clam

Yesterday morning after having my breakfast, I went to town and drop-by an aquarium shop. The regurlar shop I stop-by. After 2 months I didn't give a visit. Actually I planned to buy a siphon device. But I found new item in the shop's aquarium. A clam. After waiting for half a year, at last... An oppoturnity to have a good view in my reef tank with a clam. And luckily there were 4 clams. 2 clam with an 'M' size and 2 clam with an 'S' size.

Since my tank is only 2 1/2 feet and almost pack with live-rock and corals, I should take a consider on 'S' size clam. I bought 2 of it with the 'S' size. Can't wait to put it in my reef tank. Actually I planned to do a water change on that day. That's the real reason why I went to the shop. The old siphon device has ended his job by sucking the kitchen drain wastage. Old stories. No need to talk about it.

So, I had to do the water change first. Just 10% water change. Waiting for about an hour, to make sure the new 10% water well mixed with the old 90% water. It's time to rearrange my corals. And this is how it looks like.

The new reef comer. Two little clam.